Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

Instruction 046 On Quarantine Measures for Worker/Employees at Factories, Enterprise, Establishment Taking Leave During Khmer New Year and Returning to Work

Instruction 045 On Employment Contract Suspension and Suspension of NSSF Contribution Payment for Factories, Enterprises, Establishments in the Garment and Tourism Sectors Severely Affected by Covid-19

Instrucution 048 on Pretection of Health and Livelihood of Migrant Workers Staying and Working Abroad or Having Returned to Hometowns During Covid-19 Prevention

Notification 014 on Pass for Worker Transport During Travel Restriction (Eng)

Notification 013 on Measures to Prevent Covid-19 at factories, Enterprise, Estblishment during the Postponement of Holidays of Khmer New Year 2020

Notification 012/20 On Postponement of Holiday for Khmer New Year 2020

Instruction 009 On Professional Confidentiality of Labour Inspector

Instruction 010 on Implementation of Special Leave

Instruction 014 On Employment Contract Suspension, Enrolment for Soft Skill Training and Suspension of NSSF Contribution Payment for the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Travel Goods and Bag Sectors Affected by Shortage of Raw Materials due to Covid-19

Notification On Further Reminder on Preventative Measures Against Covid-19 at Factories, Enterprises, Establishments

Inter-ministerial Prakas 073 On Creation of Inter-ministerial Inspection Team for the Manufacturing Sector

Notification 023 On Payment of Back Pay Seniority Indemnity Before 2019 and Payment of New Seniority Indemnity From 2019 for Enterprises/Establishments in the Textile, Garment and Footwear Sector