As the representative of garment and footwear manufacturers in Cambodia, GMAC has been working very closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia, ILO-BFC and other counterparts to improve the industrial relations and business environment in order to provide more confident for investors. Through our daily services provided to members and participation in the policy dialogue at the national level, we are well aware of what is happening in the industry and what our members’ need. Furthermore, the training is a function of human resource development with respect to organizational activity aimed at improving the performance of employees in company, and it is one of main services of GMAC. To provide members with clearly understanding in respect of both soft skill and hard skill, GMAC Training Department together with Labor and Legal Department will adopt annual training plan and only those who have very deep knowledge and rich of practical experiences on the topics will be selected to be trainers. Above all, while we offer the best price in the market, we do not compromise the quality of our training. We are committed to providing you with the following 3Bs:

1. Best Quality Training

2. Best Services

3. Best Prices.

Training aims at improving and developing performance, skills and knowledge which is related to specific competencies. Training has its objective to improve one’s ability, productivity and performance as well as to upgrade skill to be more professional and skillful.

Focusing on the quality and effective of capacity development, GMAC Training Department has thoroughly considered of trainers selection which is based upon knowledge and experiences plus with methods of training course has actually used the actual tools, equipment, documents or materials as well as activities like mini-lectures, discussion, games, role-plays, experiential activities and presentations will be used for trainees to have better learn. To provide a better service, GMAC Training Department is currently setting out the monthly training course program regularly.