Customs-Export Oriented Garment Industry

Meeting of the 1st Technical Working Group “Customs-Export Oriented Garment Industry” was conducted on 16 October 2018, GDCE, chaired by Mr Hiv Kimheng, Customs Deputy General Director and coordinated by Mr Sin Chanthy, Co-chair of the 1st WG in order to discuss and resolve 9 issues which raised by the private sector. The 9 issues are as follows:

1. Difficulty of Transit Clearance in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ)

2. Late issuance of customs permit

3. Declaration on package

4. Request for correction of customs declaration / Joint Inspection Report of Investment Exports and Service Fee

5. Correction of weight declared at the airport

6. Request for export of semi-finished products at customs and excise branch of Phnom Penh International Airport

7. Transportation of semi-finished products

8. Sale of stocklot and overrun production

9. Subcontract for raw materials or semi-finished products imported to produce for export