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Cocovol Apparel (Cambodia) Inc.

Product: Knitted, Woven, Top, Skirt, Pants

No. of workers: 891

Location: Phnom Penh

Colia Leather (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Sofa Covers

No. of workers: 779

Location: Preah Sihanouk

Colour Apparel Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Knit Product

No. of workers: 683

Location: Kandal

Columbus Apparel (Cambodia) Inc.

Product: Twill, Canvas, Carduroy, Woven Fabric Pants, and Shorts

No. of workers: 1459

Location: Phnom Penh

Copious (Cambodia) International Inc.

Product: Scrub Suits, Isolation Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Caps

No. of workers: 949

Location: Takeo

Cosmo Textile Co., Ltd.

Product: Top or Shirt, Pants, Dress, Skirt

No. of workers: 667

Location: Kandal

CPCG International Co., Ltd.

Product: Garment, Glove

No. of workers: 1397

Location: Kampong Cham

Crystal Martin (Cambodia) Limited

Product: Lady T-Shirt, Joggers Briefs, Knicker, Nightdress, Bra, Jacket, Pant, Boxer

No. of workers: 5345

Location: Kandal

CS Goldway Textile (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Trouser, Jeans, Shorts, Rob, Jacket, Shirt, skirt

No. of workers: 913

Location: Takeo

CU CU (Cambodia) International Co., Ltd.

Product: no

No. of workers: 379

Location: Phnom Penh

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