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Cam Verna Fashion Co., Ltd.

Product: Woven Wear

No. of workers: 315

Location: Phnom Penh

Cambo C-L Upper Garment Co., Ltd.

Product: T-Shirt

No. of workers: 114

Location: Phnom Penh

Cambo Handsome Ltd.

Product: Knit (Top/Bottom)

No. of workers: 6379

Location: Phnom Penh

Cambo Hong Xing International Knitting Co., Ltd.

Product: Knitted Sweater

No. of workers: 1098

Location: Kandal

Cambo Kotop Ltd.

Product: Girl T-shirt, Boy Pants, Knitted Top

No. of workers: 1958

Location: Phnom Penh

Cambo Unisoll Ltd.

Product: T-Shirt, Skirt, Pants, Dress, Jacket

No. of workers: 1838

Location: Kandal

Cambodian Gateway Underwear Co., Ltd.

Product: Women and men underwear, brief, bra, boxer, kid underwear

No. of workers: 479

Location: Preah Sihanouk

Cambodian Kaitai Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Product: Bed Sheet, Comforter, Pillow Cases

No. of workers: 357

Location: Preah Sihanouk

Cambodian Red Sun Clothing Co., Ltd.

Product: Man/Woman Woven Pants/Jackets

No. of workers: 551

Location: Phnom Penh

Cambodian Textiles Worldwide Phnom Penh Works Co., Ltd.

Product: Table cloth, Napkin, Patient Gown, Apron, Sheet, Pillow Case, Butcher Coat, Scrubs, Lab coats

No. of workers: 1565

Location: Phnom Penh

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