Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

Prakas 429 on Cambodian Worker/Employee Checkup

Notification 003 on Payment of Back Pay Seniority Indemnity before 2019 and Seniority Indemnity in 2020 and 2021 for Factories Enterprises in Manufacturing Sector

Prakas on Public Holidays for 2022

Further Instruction 063 on Covid-19 Rapid Test for Workers

Notification 043 on One Day off for Booster Dose Vaccination

Prakas on Determination of Minimum Wage for Workers/Employees in the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Travel Goods and Bag Industries for 2022

Notification on Pilot Launch of Labour Inspection Self-Declaration via Automation System for Factories/Enterprises

Instruction on Covid-19 Rapid Test for Workers/Employees at Factories/Enterprises across Cambodia

Notification on Implementation of Upcoming Pchum Ben Holidays for 3 days, 05-07 October 2021

MoLVT's Instruction on Strengthening the Measures on Fight and Prevention of Covid-19 at Factories/Enterprises