Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

Notification On Public Holiday for Water Festival 2022

Notification On Implementation of Pchum Ben Holidays 2022

Notification 479 on OSH Training for Enterprise Physicians

Notification 028 on Census and Verification of Worker Vaccination Data

Notification 022 on Implementation of Labour Inspection Self-Declaration via Automation System

Notification 014 on Covid-19 Booster Dose Vaccination (3rd  and 4th dose) at factories

Notification 011 on Work Permit Extension

Notification 005 On Implementation of Better Factories Cambodia Project for the Textile, Garment, Travel Goods and Bag Export Sector

Notification 006 on Economic Census at Factories/Enterprises throughout the Country by Census Officers of the Ministry of Planning

Notification 004 on 3rd Dose or Booster Dose Vaccination for WorkersEmployees

Notification 002 on booster dose vaccination for workers

Notification 003 on Payment of Back Pay Seniority Indemnity before 2019 and Seniority Indemnity in 2020 and 2021 for Factories Enterprises in Manufacturing Sector