Laws & Regulations

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Validity of the Suspension Extension of Advance Profit Tax of All Garment and Footwear Enterprises (2011)

Reminder Instruction on customs clearance procedures at Phnom Penh International Airport (2011)

Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management (2011)

Environmental Law (2011)

Law on Social Security Schemes (2011)

Public Holidays for Civil Servants, Workers/Employees for 2012 (2011)

Prakas on Paid Holiday for Calendar 2012 (2011)

Prakas on Determination of Criteria for Types and Levels of Disability (2011)

Prakas on Paid Holiday for Calendar 2011

Notification on $5 Health Care Allowance (2011)

Notification on Name List Review and Electoral Registration and Pchumben Holidays (2011)

Khmer New Year Holiday (2011)