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GMAC Press Release-2 28-04-2014


Even if the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC) strongly appealed through  her  special  Press  Release  dated 25  April 2014  for  the  action  from  the  Royal Government of Cambodia, relevant institutions and local authorities to stop the demonstration at the Tai Seng and Manhattan Special Economic Zone in Bavet, this demonstration is still happening now and there has been no action to stop it yet. In his response to GMAC’s Press Release, Mr. Pav Sina, President of Collective Unions of Movement of Workers (CUMW), which is the union leading this demonstration, defended himself that the reason that made this demonstration happen is because the employers did not provide the workers US$50—the money that this union alleged the employers without evidence that they promised to give to their workers in exchange for them not to join the strike called by 8 union federations, including the Collective Unions of Movement of Workers (CUMW) of Mr. Pav Sina himself, before Khmer New Year.

Once again, GMAC would like to inform the publics that the employers of factories at Tai Seng and Manhattan Special Economic Zone have never made such promise as alleged by the union above. It is true that A&J factory (Bicycle factory in Tai Seng Special Economic Zone) provided each of their workers US$50 before Khmer New Year. But this is the bonus for the performance that their workers reached the production target for the last 3 months. It is not the money given to them for not joining the strike. However, after Khmer New Year the Collective Unions of Movement of Workers (CUMW) led by Mr. Pav Sina used this bonus as the pretext to lead the workers to hold the demonstration in order to demand the same money from Smartex factory because it is also the Bicycle factory. After they succeeded at Smartex factory, they continued this demonstration at Bestway and other factories in the entire Manhattan Special Economic Zone.   This is the illegal activity which is the same as money extortion. Because those factories refused to give them this money, they led the workers to do the violent demonstration by throwing the rocks at the factories, threatening other workers not to return to work and destroying the factories’ properties. It is so disappointing that there seems to be no action from the authorities to stop this activity. Due to the fear of the safety of their workers and properties, all the factories at Tai Seng and Manhattan Special Economic Zone (except A&J and Smartex factory) have suspended their operations so far.

GMAC would like to strongly appeal again to the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, especially H.E Dr. Ith Samheng, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training and Chairman of the Committee for Resolution of Strikes and Demonstrations; relevant institutions, local authorities; and Special Economic Zone Administration representing the Council for the Development of Cambodia to exercise their duties to stop this incident immediately in order to maintain security and safety of the investors and their workers who intended to go to work. By ignoring and allowing this union to do whatever they want, it will destroy the trust of the investors in the government to protect their safety and legal interests. It is also against the policy of the Royal Government in encouraging the investors to come to do business in Cambodia. GMAC believes that this incident will spread to other areas and will affect not only the garment and footwear factories, but also other factories if there is no action to stop it immediately. GMAC would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to all workers to return to work as usual and not listen to the incitement of this union. If not, the employers will implement article 332 of the Cambodian  Labor  Law  by  not  giving  them  wages  and  other  benefits  during  the  strike- demonstration period.


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