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Li & Fung Ltd.’s CSR Mission to Cambodia


08/11/13: GMAC and Group Chairman of Li & Fung Ltd. and his top officials including Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, and Executive Director are here in Cambodia to take PROACTIVE Action together with GMAC and the Cambodian Government on workers’ safety. We are going to send a clear message to the world that when it comes to issue of workers’ safety, “CAMBODIA IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY”, which it already is despite the public misconception.

We are really pleased with the active engagement and responsiveness of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Land Management.

Li & Fung Ltd. is a HK-based trading company with offices in 55 countries and turnover of over $22B (Close to 2 times the Cambodia’s GDP). Having sourced from close to 100 factories in Cambodia, L & F is one of Cambodia’s top buyers.

Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia
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