Statement 27th December, 2017


Phnom Penh 27th December, 2017: Garment Manufacturer Association in Cambodia (GMAC) expressed the appreciation and thanks to Walmart, the US multinational, over their commitment and continuous supports Cambodia’s garment and footwear industry as well as travel goods.

According to the Walmart’s letter sent to Cambodia’s Minister of Labor and Vocational Training Ith Samheng dated 6th December stated that after the recent visit of Walmart delegation on 7th November to have the direct meeting with some government’s official, and visiting some other footwear factory as well as its associates who works in Phnom Penh, Walmart said that Cambodia is the key market for Walmart.

We are Cambodia’s leading exporter of footwear, and second leading exporter of apparel. Next year, we hope to begin to export travel products,” the letter read. We are happy to share our experience working with other sourcing markets and to help Cambodian manufacturers increase competitiveness, productivity and efficiency.”

Our growth in Cambodia depends on a strong business environment. Stability, predictability, and rule of law form a cornerstone of our business engagement around the world and allow us to make long-term commitments and investment in a market, the letter added.

So, Walmart’s support means contribution to the business and investment continuity of Cambodia to support our economy. Furthermore, we would also stand to benefit greatly from Walmart’s expertise that includes innovation & technology as well as how the global apparel & footwear operate,” said GMAC.

According to the letter, Walmart respects a high standard and pay attention to the social and labor conditions in the countries from which the company source products.

Labour compliance is one of the points for consideration in the buyers balance score card. Walmart’s continued engagement with us means we have been performing well, or precisely speaking performing at an internationally accepted standard,” said GMAC.

As the world is moving toward sustainable development goal, compliance is gaining more weight in the score card. it added. The score card comprises 1) price 2) quality 3) delivery and 4) labour and social compliance.