Statement 1st December, 2017


Phnom Penh, 1st December, 2017 Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC), a representative of garment, footwear industry, and travel bag industry, would like to inform the United Nation, Foreign Embassies, the European Union, the United States of America, Buyers and stakeholders that the current political situation shall not be translated into any actions bearing negative impacts on the daily production and supply chain of the industry.

We would like to maintain smooth operation of our 600 member factories that economically support more than 700,000 workers, most of whom are female, and about 2 million more people as their family members. All the employers and employees, as well as trade unions have been working normally and peacefully to support themselves and the Cambodian economy. The development of our industries so far have lifted millions of people out of poverty. More development is needed to help the rest who are still poor.

The workers are currently happy with the strong care and additional benefits from the government and the employers including health-care, medical-care, maternal care for pregnant and post-baby delivery, free-transportation with public bus service, new retirement scheme, affordable fee on house renting, electricity and water bills, and the new review of the minimum wage of $170 to be offered in January next year and so on.

The government and employers remain committed to link our trade to improved working conditions by complying with the national law and core international labour standards. The engagement with ILO- BFC in the last 16 years proves the commitment. In this respect, Cambodia should be recognized and rewarded for its achievement.

GMAC appeal to all of our international buyers to continue their supports on Cambodia and our member factories to materialize our economic goal which is the improved well-being of all the Cambodian people.