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Congratulations on Payment of Wage for the Month of January of 2018

According to a survey on wage payment at more than 30 garment and footwear factories from 05 February 2018 to 12 February 2018 concerning the entitlement to the new basic wage of $170 and payment of wage for the month of January of 2018 of workers throughout the country, the survey finds the following:

1- For monthly-paid workers, their average salary is from $238 to $260 per month by calculating the basic wage of $170 plus attendance bonus, plus transport allowance, plus seniority bonus, plus overtime of 2 hours per day together with other incentives provided by the company.

2- Piece-rate workers on average receive a wage from $280 to $480 including benefits and bonuses.

3- Probationary or just-after-probation workers without seniority receive a least from $182 to $210 per month.

While the highest-ever wages of January have been paid, workers throughout the country congratulate and are happy with their salary together with many other benefits provided by the Royal Government of Cambodia to both formal and informal workers (informal economy) with active contribution and push from the national and international union federation, International Labour Organization (ILO), national and international organizations and embassies in Cambodia.

The National of Trade Unions Coalition (NTUC) would like to share congratulations and be happy with all workers throughout the country who are receiving a decent wage to support their family and other current necessary needs and would like to deeply thank Samdech Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and H.E. Minister of Labour and Vocational Training as well as relevant ministries who have paid attention to the livelihood of workers and improved the rights and freedom of workers in the workplace as well as the provision of many benefits so far for workers and is continuing to provide other further benefits.

19 February 2018


(signed and stamped)

Fa Saly